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Corporate Social Responsability

In Odi International Commerce we are decided to make a difference and build a better future for our environment and society. Having recognized that litter is a mayor problems for the health of our oceans and to whom depend on them, we are addressing funds and efforts to supports initiatives from private and local governments to collect and definitely recycle these materials with the support of this industry in our own region, thus avoiding that more of these garbage reach to our seas.

Feeding the World (Succes story)

Odi International and our partners are in permanent campaign to promote the production, marketing and consumption of non traditional species that comes from sustainable stocks in a way to offer low cost options to our growing populations through social projects and working with different governments entities suppliers (hospitals, armies, schools) in different countries while diluting the fisheries effort over the most common and commercial species.  

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

En Odi International Commerce estamos decididos a afrontar los retos para colaborar a edificar un mejor futuro para nuestra sociedad y medio ambiente. Habiendo reconocido que la basura, en especial los plásticos son un serio problema para la salud de nuestros océanos y para quienes dependen de estos, estamos dirigiendo fondos para apoyar a organizaciones y emprendimientos de reciclaje en los países de nuestra región, para apoyar a la recolección y la "correcta disposición" de desechos reciclables con el apoyo de varias industrias transformadoras, evitando así que más de estos lleguen a nuestros mares.

Panama Viejo Beach Clean Operation

Working Through Net Zero

Odi is proud to colaborate with the National Fisheries Chamber of Panama, and the Bliss Panama Foundation in developing regenerative agriculture, Sargassum algae based product, CO fixation by microalgae cultivations,  aquaculture and the improvement of fisheries management (FIP´s).


NEW, 2023

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